How to use SINDI

SINDI is designed to help you interpret your soil sample in terms of its quality.

You will need to have measured 7 key soil properties (indicators). It is not necessary to have all 7 indicators to use SINDI but the more indicators you have, the better the resulting interpretation. The set of 7 indicators are chosen to encompass aspects of the soil physical structure, chemical fertility, acidity, organic matter resources, and the biological life in the soil.

Clicking on the Start button will take you to the Sample Entry page where you can enter your data.

Select the soil type and land use.

Be careful you enter your data in the correct units. Click on the indicator name for further information about what the indicator is, and how to measure it.

Your sample will be compared to the best available knowledge of the likely target range for each indicator (expert interpretation).

The bar charts for each of the component indicators allows you to see precisely which indicator(s) are of concern. The colours are designed to show significant impact (red), potential impact (orange), and near optimal (green).